Burns are tissue injuries, and they occur when the body is exposed to large amounts of heat. Bodily tissues, including skin, fat, muscles, and even organs can be damaged when they come into contact with powerful heat sources. Burns are classified according to the extent of the damage done.

Typically, first degree burns are those that only harm the outer skin layer, second degree burns are those that damage the first two skin layers, and third degree burns are those that injure all skin layers as well as any tissues underneath. Each type of burn is treated differently. Typically, third degree burns will necessitate professional medical attention, while first and second degree burns may be treated at home.

At-Home Burn Treatment

First and second degree burns, though not life-threatening, can be extremely painful. As a burn victim, there are certain steps you can take at home that will dull the associated pain and expedite the healing process:

  • Soak unbroken, burned skin in cool (not cold) water
  • Cover the harmed area with a clean bandage
  • Aspirin and ibuprofen can help with pain and swelling
  • Apply lotion once the area has dried and cooled down

While second degree burns (characterized by swelling, redness and blistering) can be treated as minor injuries, if they cover a relatively large area, they should be treated as major burns. Medical assistance may be necessary.

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