Suffering a dog attack is always frightening. When angered, dogs can be extremely vicious and intimidating. Large and strong dogs in particular have the potential to cause a great deal of bodily harm if they attack a human.

New York State has a limited dog bite law. Under this law, the dog owner is held accountable for all medical and veterinary bills, but not necessarily for the attack itself. Because New York is also considered to be a “one-bite state,” the owner, in general, will not be held accountable for the animal’s first instance of biting another person.

Dog Bites and Strict Liability

Under the strict liability law of New York, a dog’s owner – meaning the person who watches over the animal – is responsible for the medical or veterinarian bills associated with the injuries caused by its attack. If the dog attacks another human, pet, or farm animal and causes injury or death, then the owner must cover the medical costs. The owner, however, is not necessarily liable for any other damages.

The One Bite Rule

New York is one of 18 states that uphold the so-called “one bite” rule. Under this law, the dog and its owner are given a “first free bite.” Basically, the first time that the dog attacks another human or animal, if it has not shown any signs of vicious behavior beforehand, it is let off the hook. However, dogs that have had dangerous tendencies in the past will not be allowed this one free bite.

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