Hearing loss, clearly, is not an uncommon phenomenon. Most people begin to lose their hearing as they get older, especially if they spent a good number of their younger days listening to loud music. This particular form of hearing loss, known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), is the most common type of hearing impairment. One-third of the 30 million Americans suffering from impaired hearing were handicapped in this manner as the result of exposure to excessive noise.

Types of NIHL

There are two forms of NIHL that people can suffer. The first is acute noise-induced hearing loss, which occurs when the ear is exposed to a sudden, extremely loud noise like a gunshot or explosion. Typically, noises rated at 120 to 150 decibels (dBs) will cause immediate hearing loss.

The second form of NIHL occurs over a long period of exposure to noises that are loud, but not on the same level as firearms or firecrackers. Sounds above 85 dBs, such as loud music or motorcycles, can cause NIHL, if one is exposed to them for a long period of time.

Anyone can suffer noise-induced hearing loss. Even children can suffer acute NIHL at their young ages. Those of ages 20 and older, however, are also susceptible to NIHL resulting from exposure to louder noises while at work or play.

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