New York City Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycles are a safe, healthy, and inexpensive alternative to owning a car or taking the subway or cab everywhere you go. However, when unsafe, reckless, and negligent drivers get on the road, they pose a major threat to any bicyclist. Without the benefit of a protective layer of steel and glass, there is very little to come in between you and a hard surface in the event of a bicycle accident. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact the New York City bicycle accident lawyers of The Orlow Firm. We will evaluate your case and fight to ensure that you are fully compensated for all of your injuries.

Common Types of Bicycle Injuries

Not surprisingly, a majority of accidents that occur between bicycles and motor vehicles are the fault of the motor vehicle operator. Here are some of the most common situations which cause bicycle accidents, so that you may avoid them if possible:

  • A driver making a turn directly in front of a bicycle
  • A motorist failing to yield at a stop sign or red light
  • A driver failing to pay attention while driving past a cyclist
  • A driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • A driver pulling out into traffic in front of a bicycle rider
  • A driver failing to look both ways before proceeding at a red light or stop sign

New York City Bicycle Safety

Bikes are once again rising in popularity as an alternative to motor vehicles and public transportation. Many people are choosing to commute by bike to prevent parking hassles, to shorten commute times, for health benefits, to lower gasoline bills, and for environmental reasons. Even though more and more people are biking, not all motorists are used to sharing the road with cyclists. Unfortunately, this unfamiliarity with the presence of bicycles can lead to negligence and accidents caused by drivers.

Safety Tips for Bicyclists

Remember to practice safe habits any time you choose to commute by bike.

  • Become familiar with traffic laws.Remember that cyclists must follow most of the same traffic laws as drivers. Stop at red lights and stop signs and use turning signals.
  • Use proper safety gear.Always wear a helmet, even for short rides. At night and in low light situations, use lights both on the front and back of your bike.
  • Plan your route in advance.Some roads are safer than others for bikers. Choose routes that include designated bike lanes and less traffic, when possible.
  • Be aware of negligent drivers.Many drivers are unfamiliar with bicycles on the road. Drivers may not exercise proper caution when turning, stopping, or opening doors, and some may even drive aggressively in the presence of bikers. Attempt to avoid dangerous situations and stay calm and cautious around aggressive drivers.
  • Educate motorists about sharing the road.Tell your friends who drive motor vehicles about the rising prominence of bikers and how to drive safely around bikers.

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