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Anyone who invites others onto his or her property has a duty to provide a reasonable safe environment for everyone. This is true whether the host is a business welcoming customers in, or an individual having friends over. The body of law that relates to visitors and their safety is called premises liability.

At the offices of New York City premises liability attorneys Orlow, Orlow & Orlow, P.C., we take people’s obligations towards their guests seriously. If you have been injured by one party’s failure to properly maintain their property, we can help.

The Consequences of Neglected Property

When a property owner or resident fails to maintain a safe environment, or at least warn guests about known hazards, the results can be disastrous. Our New York City premises liability lawyers are ready to work for people who have been hurt by:

  • Slip and Fall
  • Elevator/Escalator Injuries
  • Sidewalk Accidents
  • Store and Business Injuries
  • Lead Paint Poisoning

Businesses vs. Private Hosts

Businesses and private property owners or inhabitants all have obligations towards guests. However, these obligations are not identical. People who visit a store, amusement park, or other business are known as business invitees. Social visitors to a private residence are called licensees. Each is entitled to different levels of protection.

  • Business Invitees: Businesses are legally considered public access areas, even if they are privately owned. Business owners must minimize dangers to their guests as well as they can. They can be held liable for almost any predictable and preventable injury on their property.
  • Licensees: Property owners and residents must either repair any dangerous areas on their property, or inform guests about recognizing and avoiding these dangers. Failure to do so can leave them open to legal action.

Every time you visit a supermarket, store, or any other place of business, you are owed a duty of care by the property possessor. This person or company may be held liable for any injury you sustain while on this land or in this building. If you have suffered any security, maintenance, or hazard-related harm while on another’s property, then you may have the grounds for a premises liability case.

Premises liability is a legal term that is applied to the duty of care property owners and occupants owe to their visitors. Land possessors can be held responsible for any injuries their guests sustain while on their properties.

Invitees, Licensees, and Trespassers

There are different types of guests that may enter your property. Invitees enter the premises to in order to conduct some type of business transaction with the possessor. For example, shoppers at the supermarket are invitees. Property possessors owe the highest duty of care to invitees.

Licensees, on the other hand, are legally allowed on the property by the owner or occupant, and they are not there to engage in business dealings. Guests to a party, for example, would be considered to be licensees. Property possessors owe licensees a very high duty of care, as well.

Finally, trespassers are those who are not legally allowed to enter the premises but do so anyway. Someone who enters your land to use your pool without your knowledge would be considered a trespasser. These individuals are generally not covered by premises liability protection.

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