More than half of all babies ranging from five months to fifteen months have a baby walker. Baby walkers are a popular wheeled baby product that helps a baby “walk” across the floor by holding onto a plastic surface attached to wheels. Babies like walkers, and parents like the way the walker can keep the baby entertained for long periods of time. However, baby walkers can be extremely dangerous for their young users, accounting for almost 20,000 injuries each year. In April 2007, Canada banned the sale of baby walkers. However, walkers are still for sale in the United States.

Most injuries from baby walkers happen not from the walker itself, but because of the increased mobility of the baby. When the baby can move quickly and reach new surfaces, accidents can occur. Common injuries include:

  • Falling down stairs – Up to 96% of baby walker injuries happen when a baby wheels him or herself down a flight of stairs.
  • Pinching injuries – With the walker, the baby is at risk to pinch fingers and toes under wheels or between the edge of the walker and another surface.
  • Reaching injuries – With increased height, a baby can more easily reach dangerous surfaces, resulting in burns, poisonings, and drownings. A parent or babysitter may not have considered the baby’s increased access to these elements.

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