Bathrooms can be some of the most dangerous rooms of a home, particularly if things are not stored properly and the area is not kept clean and dry. They are the most common location of dangerous, household slip-and-fall accidents, and they are prime real estate for dangerous black mold growth. They also pose a number of child safety hazards, as well.

Typically, bathrooms are crowded with hard features like tubs, sinks, toilets, and counters. When water from the sink or the shower is splashed onto the floor, it is very easy for one to slip and suffer a head injury. In fact, these slip-and-falls are the leading cause of accidental household deaths in the United States.

Because of this, it is extremely important that all spilled water is wiped up as soon as possible. Not only will this help prevent slips, but it will also reduce the chances of black mold growth. Bathrooms are great locations for this toxic mold due to their damp atmospheres and relatively low levels of light.

Child Hazards

Children, in particular, are more susceptible than adults to the many dangers of a poorly-kept bathroom. They can easily harm themselves with razors, scissors, nail files, or nail clippers. They can also get into and ingest dangerous prescription medications or cleaning products. Unwatched youngsters can also turn hot water taps and burn themselves.

If you have children in your home – whether they are your own or temporarily under your supervision – it is very important that you securely store dangerous drugs, products, and items. Failure to do so could have devastating consequences.

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