It is dangerous to operate any motorized vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. This includes more than just cars, trucks, and motorcycles – driving boats, flying, or even operating trains while intoxicated is both extremely hazardous and illegal.

Despite what many people may think, drinking and boating is a bad combination. Boats, being recreational vehicles that are widely available to the general public, are easy to get access to if you have a driver’s license and the money to rent them. Though it may seem like a fun idea to combine drinking with a day on the lake, the joint effects of sun exposure and alcohol can seriously inhibit your ability to safely operate a boat.

Drunk boating laws are enforced by both the coast guard and by individual states across the nation. Because alcohol is a contributing factor in about 20% of all boating fatalities, boating under the influence is taken quite seriously. Intoxicated boat operators are more likely to capsize their vehicles, crash into other boats or the shore, or inadvertently run over swimmers or water skiers. All of these acts put themselves, their passengers, and outside parties at risk.

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