You visit your local gym to ensure your own personal health, fitness, and overall well-being. Especially for those with busy schedules or during unpleasant weather, a gym can be a great way to maintain your personal health. However, even at an institution supporting fitness and health, injuries can occur when people fail to exercise proper precautions. Those who work out at the gym should be aware of the risks involved and ensure that they avoid any preventable accidents.

  • Talk to a health care provider: A physician can advise you about a workout that’s right for you.
  • Use proper exercise technique: Warm up and cool down properly to prevent injuries. Use good technique when exercising and increase your weights, repetitions, and distances gradually.
  • Use machines safely: Learn how to use each machine properly before trying it to avoid injuries.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout your workout to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion.
  • Properly store equipment: Always put away equipment when you are done using it. Improperly stored equipment can be a tripping hazard to other gym-goers. Watch out for the negligence of others and avoid stumbling over hazardously-placed items.
  • Clean off equipment: Wipe down gym machines and equipment before and after use to prevent the spread of germs.

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Hazardous situations can occur at the gym when negligent people do not follow proper safety guidelines. If you have suffered from a physical injury caused by the negligence of another party, theĀ New York City personal injury lawyers of Orlow, Orlow & Orlow, P.C. can evaluate your case and determine the proper legal action to take.