You may not realize it, but kitchens can be extremely dangerous. These rooms contain a number of heavy, sharp, hot and powerful items all in the same place, so it’s no wonder that negligence in the kitchen can result in injury. It is important for those engaged in cooking activities to keep children and animals in a different area to safeguard them from accidents.

Causes of Kitchen Fires

Because so many electrical appliances and heat sources are used, cooking fires are remarkably easy to start. When pots and pans are left unattended on stovetops, the water can burn out and a dry fire may start. Sometimes, grease build-ups cause fires, as well, if they are ignited in some way.

Kitchen fires are the leading cause of home fires, and two-thirds of these kitchen fires originate on the stove. Take the proper steps to avoid becoming a victim. Never leave a burning stove unattended.

Avoiding Other Kitchen Safety Risks

There are a number of steps that you, as a home cook, can take to avoid the many dangers present in the kitchen, such as:

  • Turn pot handles in toward the stove to avoid catching arms or clothing against them.
  • Make sure you wear appropriate clothing while working in the kitchen. Long, loose sleeves, for example, should not be worn.
  • Keep flammables or combustibles well away from heat sources.
  • Never try to put out an oil fire with water; instead, smother it with a pan lid.
  • Clean up grease build-ups.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and know how to properly operate it.

By taking these steps, you can significantly reduce your chances of being involved in a hazardous kitchen accident.

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