Auto accidents can be tragic events. With the help of seat belts, however, they are not nearly as dangerous as they could be. Seat belts serve to protect passengers from ejection and impacting the interior of the car during a collision. Approximately 63% of people who die in auto accidents are not wearing seat belts. Clearly, these features play a critical role in protecting drivers and their passengers.

Seat belts, however, can cause devastating injuries. Though they do protect passengers from slamming against the car and being thrown out, passengers are still forced against these restraining mechanisms with a large amount of force. Common injuries that result from such actions include the following:

  • Intestinal/internal organ damage
  • Lesions in the stomach area
  • Broken ribs
  • Whiplash
  • Miscarriages

Seat belts can also be quite dangerous when they are poorly manufactured. Defective seat belts may unlatch in the case of an impact, which negates the protection they offer. They can also become entangled in extremities in the case of an unexpected unlatch and cause extra injuries, such as broken bones or serious lacerations.

Seat belt injuries, since they typically affect a central area (the chest and torso), can cause a large amount of pain and act as an impediment to daily life activities for a period of time after an accident.

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