New York City Ladder Accident Lawyers

Although they may seem like relatively harmless pieces of equipment, ladders are actually responsible for more injuries than power tools. Over 220,000 people are sent to the emergency every year as a result of ladder related accidents and injuries. Many of these ladder injuries can be avoided by following simple ladder safety steps. However, if you are injured while on the course of the job, you are still entitled to workers’ compensation injuries regardless of whether or not it is perceived that you “caused” the accident. Furthermore, even if you are not injured at work, manufacturers have a responsibility to create a safe product and give proper warnings and instructions.

Failure to live up to these responsibilities may hold manufacturers or employers liable for your injuries. If you have been injured in a ladder accident, contact the New York City ladder injury lawyers of Orlow, Orlow & Orlow P.C. We will thoroughly evaluate the facts of your case in order to determine if you are owed compensation under the law.

Preventing Ladder Injuries

The easiest way to prevent ladder injuries is to follow a few simple safety steps:

  • Read and follow all instructions and warning labels, including height and weight limits
  • Keep the ladder on a level and firm surface
  • Do not carry things in your hand while climbing a ladder
  • Climb facing towards the latter rather than away from it
  • Do not leave a ladder unattended

If you or a loved one has been injured while using a ladder, regardless of whether the injury occurred while on the job, contact the New York City ladder injury lawyers of Orlow, Orlow & Orlow, P.C. We will fight to determine the extent of liability for your injuries and help you get the maximum amount of compensation possible under the law.